'The Derby could even be violent'

Former Orlando Pirates captain Dan ‘Dance’ Malesela says the Soweto Derby was more intense during his playing days and they could not even befriend Kaizer Chiefs players.

“Look, I think the tension is almost the same,” Malesela tells

“Although the rivalry was a bit more tense, I think in our times it was difficult to even associate with Kaizer Chiefs players or anyone from either side.

“That’s how deep it was. The unfortunate thing is at the time it could even lead to violence you know, so that’s how deep it was. The build-up to it was just…all the newspapers, all the magazines, whatever you know would be publishing the Derby. But in the week running up to that it was very, very tense, even the excitement at training you could just feel it.”

The 53-year-old, who currently works as head coach of National First Division side TS Galaxy, says muthi also played a big part in their days.

“The muthi part played a big role, very intense. Sometimes you would even find that the inyangas [traditional doctors] were changed in that particular week or so, you get a new inyanga, new muthi, all these things.

“Someone would come with the whole chemist. But it was worse when you were the captain of the club, because I used to be woken up at about 3am, to go do some rituals in the bush and something like that. You couldn’t say no because you respected what the club wanted.

Malesela believes his former team will be too much for Amakhosi this afternoon.

Malesela believes his former team will be too much for Amakhosi this afternoon.

“I don’t want to be a prophet, [but] odds favour Pirates because I think if it’s a pound for pound Pirates have been doing well against Kaizer Chiefs in the past. But that does not count for anything The problem with Kaizer Chiefs is their defence, particularly in the centre. If they don’t find answers in their centre-backs, then they will always have a problem. Pirates has got speedy players, they’ve got tricky players. So if Kaizer Chiefs doesn’t fix their defence then they’ll always have a problem, and they struggle also to score goals so, that’s why I’m saying the odds favour Pirates.“


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